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No one would argue that the fashion industry has its ugly side. And, supermodel Coco Rocha, who started modeling at 16, has undoubtedly seen her share. Which explains her emotional reaction to the new legislation that aims to protect the rights of young models. The 25-year-old has already made major strides in the industry, from shaking her stuff for Cavalli to rocking major looks on the runway (ahem, all those to-die-for Zac Posen dresses). She's a true vet, and that's why her advocacy of the law speaks volumes.

"Having once been a child model myself, I know all too well that, until now, underage models have worked with very few legal protections in New York," Rocha said during a press Valentino Shoes conference at Nicole Miller's Soho store on October 22. And, she certainly wasn't the only one pushing for the enforcement of new regulations to protect models under the age of 18 working in New York.

The Model Alliance, a nonprofit organization, has been striving toward a more fair industry since February 2012. With the new law in place, models can now feel more financially, physically, and educationally secure in their work. Plus, they'll get the benefits you'd expect any worker to get in the first place, including minimum wage, mandatory breaks, and protection against sexual harassment.</strong>

We're also excited about the idea of chaperones for all models under 16. These adults will provide much-needed Valentino Shoes Sale guidance. As Governor Cuomo suggested, it's now the responsibility of these supervisors, along with the modeling agencies and the models themselves, to speak up for their rights. We're quite confident leaders like Rocha will continue to have their backs. (Daily Mail)